Humanhair weet/weaving
Huamanhair bulk for brainding
Humanhair clipin
Chiemical fibre
Training head
Mannequin head
Raw hair material
Keratin hair extension tools
Fusion hair
Clore charts

Tel: 13333953309
Fax: 0395-8816777
Address: henanluohe.china
[email protected]
      Xuchang Ruikai Hair Products,Ltd was cstablished April 2004.Because of its dcvclopment,the company moved to Linying County.Luobe City 2007.And the name of the company was changed into Luobe Ruikai Hair Products is a limited liability company wish registered capital wen millon yuan,legal representive chunling kang.Company has an area of more than 33,000,00 square metes.Its staff is about 600,the fixed as is a bit higher than 6 million yuan.Its main business is cxporting and markcting destination are use,korea,netherland,japan,south afreca and othe zones in the world .Its products human hair matcrial,animal hairs malcrial,hair bulk,hair sct,joint hair ornamonts so on and with varial stykcs and other hair applianccs and other hair applianccs...
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